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Here are some fundamental strategies you can use to assist you predict winners if you are new to horse racing betting. As handicaps are a little more involved, in this Coinplaystar article we will only discuss some of the indicators you can look for in conditions races.

Recent Results

To start, you can check out how each horse did in the most recent races. On the race card, the finishing places will be represented by numbers. They may resemble the following;


A horse with these numbers has finished first and second in its last six competitions, therefore it has a chance of winning.

The race circumstances for each previous race can then be reviewed in the past. Look at the race distance first because it will be important. A horse may perform well in a sprint but poorly over a longer distance, while the opposite may be true.

Types of Track

Consider the type of ground the horse was moving over as well. Was it more effective on turf or another surface, such a polytrack?

Check out the going records for each fixture to see whether the turf performances stand out (and if it is currently running on turf). A horse who performs well on heavy ground is significantly less likely to perform similarly on firm ground.

Another crucial factor is the race’s pace. Some horses do better in competitions with fast pace. These are frequently horses that are unable to rapidly accelerate at the finish line of a race. The horses will be less fatigued in the closing stages of the race if there is no pace. In these circumstances, horses that can accelerate will be considerably more inclined to do so.

Look at the sophistication of today’s fixture. How does it stack up against the previous races the horse has participated in? The horse will be considerably more likely to perform better if it is decreasing in class. If a horse is moving up in class, it may struggle unless it is still showing indications of improvement.


Examine the jockey records as well. Does the jockey have a successful track record? Has the rider already ridden this horse? If so, did they function well as a team?


Take a look at how the trainer typically performs at this racetrack. Examine prior seasons if the race is a recurring event (a Listed race, for instance). Some jockeys might routinely focus on this race and prepare their horses especially for it.

These are just a few of the characteristics you should keep an eye out for when choosing a winner. You will learn about many more crucial elements as you gain experience, and this will help you improve your betting results.

For first, you might find it simpler to merely concentrate on a few different races (like sprints). Like anything else, your chances of mastery increase if you specialize.

You can place your horse racing bets at and start winning today. And don’t forget to check our bonuses too!

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