What is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting is popular in point-based sports such as football, rugby, basketball, and tennis. But it is also popular in racing, particularly horse racing. Handicap betting changes the way odds are given, thus it’s crucial to learn about it. So you can analyze those odds and place efficient handicap bets. And you can easily place your bets in CoinPlayStar.com.

Handicap Betting in CoinPlayStar

Handicapping, also known as line betting, the spread, points betting, or Asian handicap. It is the method by which a bookmaker makes a sporting event with varying odds into an even money fight by granting a virtual advantages to some contestants to level the playing field. You can place your bets in CoinPlayStar easily and securely.

In point-based sports, an even money battle is usually established by simply adding points to the team that is considered the underdog. If Leeds United were favored to win, the bookmaker might award Manchester United a 2-0 handicap edge.

If you then place a handicap bet on Leeds to win, but they only win by a single goal. And you will lose your wager due to the handicap. Leeds effectively lost the game 2-1 in the perspective of the bookmaker.

Always remember that the handicap only applies to the option you’re betting on when handicap betting. Similarly, if you bet on England vs. Brazil with a 3-0 handicap and the bookmaker fixed the handicap at 3-0, your bet on England would still pay out even if Brazil won the game 2-0, as England would have been 3-2 winners in the bookmaker’s eyes.

How does the handicap betting work?

In the case of Leeds United vs. Manchester United, the handicap match betting could be presented as follows:

Leeds United (-2) evens

Handicap Tie (-1) 3/1

Manchester United (+2) 2/1

The game finished in a 1-0 victory for Leeds, but you wouldn’t win the market if you bet on Leeds to win. In order for your bet to pay off, Leeds would have had to score as many goals as the handicap. You would win your bet if you gambled on the handicap tie. As Leeds won by the precise margin given in the handicap. When betting on a handicap tie, the margin of victory is more crucial than the number of goals scored.

You would win if you bet for Manchester United to win, as they effectively won the game 2-1 in the bookmaker’s eyes. If the bookmaker believes the competitors in the event you’re betting on are evenly matched, you can see the term’scratch’ (often spelled’scr’ by bookies) instead of a handicap. This indicates that there are no handicaps in the game, and the bookmaker will consider the actual victors to be the market winners.

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