CoinPlayStar: Get Weekly Cashback

As you may already know, CoinPlayStar has the best betting and casino promotions. We all want more and more promotions to make more money. To support you and give a better taste at gambling, we aim to offer best promotions. If you are having an unlucky day, you can get help from our support team and receive your cashback. We will explain every single detail about this promotion. Stick with us for more news about online casino.

What is a Cashback?

Cashback is actually an reward program for customers that spend their time and money on a website. It has become popular after credit card companies adopted it. Since then online casino sites also brought this promotion into the lives of gamblers and tipsters. If you need a clear explanation, this is what a cashback means in an online casino: Based on your net losses, you can receive about 10 to 15% of your money back. But here is the thing: cashbacks are often paid as bonuses. It means that you cannot withdraw your money, you need to play more games and win your money. Therefore, You can see it as a second chance.

Terms and Conditions

This promotion starts on November 14th and continues until further notice. If you haven’t registered with CoinPlayStar, you cannot participate in this promotion. Therefore, you need to register with CoinPlayStar. To register with CoinPlayStar, click here.

In order to receive a cashback, you need to spend at least $25. The bonus amount you will earn is determined by the net loss amount. The loss amount and bonus rates to be earned are as follows:

$25 (USD)  –  $500 (USD)  =  %5  

$501 (USD)   –  $5000 (USD)  =  %10

$5001 (USD)   –  ∞   =   %15

If you want to learn more about CoinPlayStar, read our other posts. And remember, new members will receive $25 worth of free-spins.

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